Confidence, Competition, and Humility: HR Specialist Angelica Pastrana’s 3 Keys to Successful Recruiting

In a conversation with Leomhann Enterprises’ excellent HR Specialist, Angelica Pastrana, we broke down the keys to success in the business industry and the steps ahead for young leaders. As the resident gatekeeper of Leomhann’s team, the twenty-six-year-old recruiter and Ohio native knows what it takes to build a leader. The process of recruiting and team-building is genuinely an art. Angelica Pastrana has experienced that first-hand with an eye on every entrepreneur who walks through the Leomhann Enterprises doors.

After graduating from high school, Pastrana attended Ohio State University, where she double majored in Economics and Strategic Communication. “After graduation, I moved out to Los Angeles,” says Pastrana, “I began my career in business development for a tech company. After a couple of years there, I decided to pivot into recruiting. I found that opportunity in Chicago, where I recruited for various tech companies. That is the road that led me here, and it wasn’t long before I moved back to Ohio and began recruiting for Leomhann Enterprises.”

So what does it take to become a successful recruiter? For Angelica Pastrana, confidence is vital. “I think confidence is a major thing I bring to the table in this career,” says Pastrana, “I’d love to be a mentor to our sales team, as I’ve been through many sales and recruiting battles.”

Another piece of that puzzle is a competitive drive, which for Pastrana, comes from within. “Many business leaders come from a sports background, but I wouldn’t attribute my nature to sports,” says Pastrana, “I am competitive, but I only played one year of tennis due to budget cuts in my school district. I truly believe that I find the drive within myself to be the best version of me.”

The final key to successful recruiting? Humility. “Always stay humble,” says Pastrana, “that can be challenging for people. No task is ever too big or too small. Maintain a down-to-earth mindset, while also empowering others to see their inner potential.”

What’s next for Angelica Pastrana? “In the next five years, I’d like to be running product marketing for a tech company,” says Pastrana, “I love the business industry, and there is nothing greater than seeing people reach their fullest potential.” Aspiring entrepreneurs can trust the advice from this experienced recruiter, and her information is simple. “Every sales manager quotes this, but it’s so true. It’s the acronym ‘KISS,’ and it stands for ‘Keep It Simple Stupid.’ Often, we overcomplicate concepts when at the end of the day, humanizing gets us further than we think. Especially when it comes to communicating.”



How We Survived the COVID-19 Pandemic

            Nod slowly if the COVID-19 pandemic completely took you by surprise. We won’t be shocked if every reader is slowly shaking their heads up and down right now. This virus turned our lives and our business upside down. On the flip side, it has also made us more resilient and more aware of the importance of having systems in place for future times like this. We are not going to sugar coat our experiences from over the past few months. Things have been difficult. However, at Leomhann Enterprises, we have never been known to dwell on the negative. We keep our eyes focused on the future and what we need to do to achieve the goals that we have laid out for ourselves. The one thing that has helped us stay vigilant during these difficult times has been our people. By focusing on them, we have remained committed to their growth and the prosperity of our business. 

            Once the news of the COVID-19 virus hit our office, we immediately jumped into action and temporarily closed our doors. Although our people could no longer physically come to work, it didn’t mean that we threw in the towel and said, ” Oh well “ to their development. Instead, we embraced technology and made all of our training virtual! With individual and group meetings in place weekly, our team members haven’t missed a beat. On top of the in-house training, we have also enjoyed virtual chats with guest speakers. In a way, we feel lucky that this pandemic happened when it did. We have tools that have kept us in touch and up to speed with one another!

            As we said earlier, we haven’t allowed the fact that we aren’t physically in the office to stop us from growing our business. What does this mean? It means that we have continued interviewing and hiring new team members! This pandemic has left many Americans without work, and we feel lucky that we could welcome some of these individuals with open arms. Those that we brought onboard have joined in on our weekly meetings, where they have had a chance not only to start their training but to also begin creating bonds with their colleagues.

            No matter how much a person loves their job, at the end of the day, whether the company can employ them or not boils down to one big thing: finances. We knew that we had to do something to take care of our people financially, with the unemployment rate skyrocketing during this pandemic. Luckily, we have made smart financial decisions in the past, which meant that through all of this, we were able to continue paying many members of our team. At Leomhann Enterprises, we are family, and family takes care of one another.

            Things have been scary lately; we know. These times have forced us all to reevaluate our worth and what we bring to the table. Luckily, we are a team at Leomhann Enterprises, and when one of us began to fall, we all gathered together to lift them back up. We have survived the COVID-19 pandemic by always remembering that we are in this game of life together, and by focusing on prospering as a team, we are coming out of this crisis with our heads held high. We wish the best of luck to all of you as our country slowly starts to reopen. You are in our thoughts, and we wish you nothing but success and good health!  

Leomhann Enterprises’s Top Business Podcasts

In a time where everyone is so go, go, go, but still trying to grow and be the best versions of themselves, the era of podcasts reigns king!  Here at Leomhann Enterprises, we preach a growth mindset and all have a passion for learning, so we are always looking for new ways to develop.  Enter: the podcast era! When we’re too on-the-go to read, podcasts are how we stretch our minds and capabilities. We listen in the car, when we’re working out, and even when we’re about to head to bed. Check out what’s been in our ears lately in our favorite business podcasts below!

The MFCEO Project

This podcast by Andy Frisella wastes no time in getting down to the nitty-gritty of what you need to do to reach your full potential so you can dominate with your business.  Andy discusses how to become a successful entrepreneur from his personal experience, marketing, management, and other business topics, but he takes it one step further when he talks about your mindset, goal-setting, and staying productive.  This has been an essential podcast at Leomhann Enterprises because they are short (most episodes range from 5 – 20 minutes) and to the point, so we can listen, feel motivated, and not waste any time implementing what we learned!

Jocko Podcast

Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL, so you know he means business, especially about business.  In his podcast, Jocko mainly discusses leadership and how you can apply it in everyday life and business.  His no-nonsense approach has opened our eyes and made us instantly feel inspired to lead from the front and learn from every life experience to become the leaders we are meant to be.  There’s something about the Jocko Podcast that resonates in your soul and gets you PUMPED to get down to business. If you’re an entrepreneur like our team, we recommend this podcast to jumpstart your career so you can focus on leadership and taking ownership of your career.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Looking to build an empire?  The How I Built This podcast will give you enough ideas on what to do to be successful that you’ll be shaking with excitement to get started.  In each episode, Guy Raz sits down with top CEO’s and business people to discuss just exactly how they built their company.  From downfalls to overnight success, How I Built This will encourage you to keep trucking along and discuss different ways to do just that. We love listening to it for inspiration, but also because everyone loves a good success story!
If you are still chomping at the bit to listen to more podcasts, we must give an honorable mention to the RISE Podcast by Rachel Hollis for inspiration and motivation, and Spectacular Failures for knowledge on what not to do in a funny approach!  All of these podcasts have been in heavy rotation in the Leomhann Enterprises office, and are often topics of conversation when we discuss our goals and how we are going to dominate them.  Give each of these podcasts a listen to see how your mindset changes towards greater success, and don’t forget to tell us any podcasts we’re missing out on!

Meet Luke Baldwin: Corporate Trainer

Leomhann Enterprises has an exciting introduction. Meet Luke Baldwin, a corporate trainer who has been with us since September of 2018. Around the office, Baldwin is known for his bubbly personality and unending motivation.

Born and raised in Hartsgrove, Ohio, Baldwin was an athlete from the start. “I was very influenced by my experiences with sports,” says Baldwin, “I began playing football and baseball in third grade, played through college, and joined the wrestling team. The competitive nature of sports has made me into the man I am today. It showed me how to work harder than others to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Although it has made family games a little intense, I would say it’s made me into someone who doesn’t get scared of a challenge.” This attraction to sports was not left in Baldwin’s childhood. In fact, his dream job was to be a head football coach for a division one collegiate or NFL team. How did he end up in this industry, writing his own success story? College.

After graduating from high school, Baldwin packed his bags and began his studies at Wilmington College in Ohio. Alongside his involvement on the football team, Baldwin thrived as a sports management major, with a minor in coaching. “College football taught me a lot about teamwork and time management,” says Baldwin, “I helped me keep a schedule and stay prepared. There was a saying my coach preached to us and it was “if you’re early you’re on time and if you’re on time you’re late.” That’s definitely a saying that has stuck with me through the years. During the second semester of my freshman year, I joined Tau Kappa Beta, a local fraternity. There, I was taught a lot about brotherhood and how to effectively help a group grow and advance in experience and numbers. Three out of the four years I was involved with the fraternity, we won fraternity of the year. This award was given to the most influential group and the one who excelled in community service and other events around campus. The fraternity selected me to be the pledge master for the spring of 2017. Through that position, I taught four individuals the value our fraternity brings to the college and effectively crossed all four over into our fraternity. College was a life-changing experience that gave me a lot of real-world skills I use quite often in this career.”

When Luke Baldwin walked through the doors of Leomhann Enterprises, he knew he was home. “I was so attracted to the family atmosphere and competitive nature,” says Baldwin, “I am a very caring person, and I take friendships and relationships seriously. Here at Leomhann Enterprises, everyone looks out for each other and is very welcoming.”

As for the things he has learned, Baldwin sees no shortage of growth. “I have always been a very patient person and had a will to never give up.” says Baldwin, “Working here has enhanced that. I put my all into everything, even if it’s hard or challenging, and my teammates are the same. Before working here, I didn’t know how much one person or a group of people can influence and change someone’s life.”

Within the next five years, Baldwin hopes to own his own business, set the pace in this industry, and move to Texas. His family here at Leomhann Enterprises knows he will achieve all this and more.