Fierce & Focused: Ashley’s Story

As the times evolve and women find themselves more empowered than ever, we see certain pace-setters pave the way for others to follow. At Leomhann Enterprises, a company that has always placed promotions and pay on performance rather than gender, go-getters like Ashley McMahon thrive.

Born in Wilmington, Delaware and raised there her whole life, Ashley grew up focused on 2 things: academics and gymnastics! Starting gymnastics at 2 1/2 years old, Ashley pursued the sport all through high school, even serving as a coach in her later years. A self-dubbed “nerd,” Ashley attended a math & science high school, graduating with a semester of college courses already under her belt. (Fun fact: she took Calculus 3 times in high school because she enjoyed the challenge)!

Receiving a scholarship to Oberlin College in Cleveland, Ashley fearlessly left home for the first time to pursue a degree in Religion & Politics! During her time at school, she participated in an animal activist group and worked for both the school’s library and Politics & Religion departments, keeping busy both socially and academically. Her hard work paid off and she even managed to graduate a semester early!

Immediately following graduation, Ashley went to work at a law firm in Cleveland with interest in International law and human rights. Working as a cross between an administrator and a clerk, Ashley realized after a full year that the work was in fact not for her long-term.

Looking for work that would offer her an opportunity to move past the desk and paperwork, Ashley saw Leomhann Enterprises’s Management Development Program on LinkedIn and was immediately intrigued. After a successful first and second interview, Ashley started with the company at the end of March ready to make her mark. Despite some initial challenges learning the company’s marketing & sales processes, she persevered by coming in some days an hour and a half early to receive one on one coaching from CEO, Jeff Crawford. (Amazing dedication, we know!)

A month into her Management Development Program, Ashley continues to impress us with her student mentality, hunger to learn, and self-improvement initiatives. With goals of traveling, networking, and learning all she can in the next 6 months, Ashley plans to move into an Assistant Management position by the end of 2018 and Management by Q2 2019.
A feminist who believes that a strong woman is capable of anything, Ashley strives to create a legacy of powerful female managers at Leomhann Enterprises to help our client tackle any target or campaign needs.
In her spare time, she enjoys reading tarot cards and her horoscope (Go Pisces!), indulging in a good book (her favorites are by Carol Adams or Mary Beard), spending time with her mom (her role model) and little brother, Timothy, and her animals! Another fun fact is that she’s owned 2 rats, a bunny, a guinea pig, and 2 dogs but is HIGHLY allergic to cats!
Catch even more of this female powerhouse and the entire Leomhann Enterprises team on Instagram and stay tuned to our blog page as we celebrate Ashley’s growth step by step!




A Year in Review: Looking Back on 2017 with Leomhann Enterprises

What an amazing year we had here at Leomhann Enterprises

It was a year of growth, of learning, of development, and of progress. In 2017, our company laid down roots which will help us grow three-fold in 2018.

Wonder what all we did this year?! The answer is ALOT!


If there’s one thing you can bank on us doing every year, it’s traveling and helping our team get out of their element! Whether we were on a plane to Austin, New Orleans, Boise, Philadelphia, Monroe, Atlanta, Columbus, Indianapolis, or Chicago, our team was given ample opportunity to network, learn from other professionals, and grow as business men & women.


Many of the cities we traveled to were where our client broker was hosting conferences at, the most notable ones being in Austin the first week of February, New Orleans the last week of June, and Boise the second week of August. Starting first in Austin, our team was awarded for successes brought to our client in 2016 and given new targets and metrics for the New Year! Half way through the year we convened with 3,000 other marketing & sales professionals working with our client & broker in New Orleans, receiving situational leadership coaching and of course, quality Cajun food!! Our favorite networking event took us cross country to Boise where we spent a long weekend rafting, swimming in hot springs, and enjoying some much deserved R&R!


2017 was a year of growth for us, starting first February 18th when our client awarded Leomhann Enterprises with THE #1 CRM software in the world. As if the software wasn’t cool enough, they also equipped every team member with a tablet, ensuring they each had the necessary tools to excel at their job and provide prospective customers with a more pleasant buying process.

We also grew our leadership team, promoting dozens of team members throughout the year in our company’s Management Training Program. By focusing on the development of our people, we have set a precedent in our office that their growth matters most to us and when they grow, we all grow!


Something we excelled at in 2018 was promoting team unity. Whether we were coordinating happy hours, Indians games, trampoline dodge-ball, or sand volleyball, we always made it a note to encourage team building both inside and outside of the office. These events, though just for an hour or two after work, allowed our team to get to know each other outside of the suits. By humanizing each member, it broke down barriers and and inspired friendships.

As fast as 2017 went by, we look back on the year fondly as a stepping stone for an even bigger 2018. By tripling our office in size, the Leomhann Enterprises team is guaranteed a year with even MORE recognition from our client, more travel and technology for our team, and more national growth for our company. Stay tuned cause we’re going places!


Stepping Outside Comfort Zones: Alundis Hays

Whether you’re a social butterfly or a tad more reserved, working face-to-face with people is something we can all succeed at. Take it from Leomhann Enterprises‘ Corporate Trainer Alundis Hays, who describes himself as extremely introverted and shy. What separates Alundis from other introverts is this one admirable quality: he is willing to step outside of his comfort zone.

Alundis grew up on the East side of Cleveland as the youngest of 4. (He has 2 older sisters and 1 brother, and they are all within 9 years of each other!) His mother named him after former NFL player Alundis Brice because she thought the name was very unique and different. Growing up, Alundis played violin in middle school and was involved in ROTC, baseball, and cross country throughout high school. After graduating, he joined the army as part of the 11B Infrantry. Alundis served in the military for 3 years and then began working in factories after. He soon found out that the money was decent, but there was no real opportunity for advancement.

Alundis then decided to look for a job elsewhere that had ample room for growth. He put his resume on multiple job boards, and within a couple of days, he received a call from our Human Resources Manager, Abbigail. Alundis’ first impression of Leomhann Enterprises was that is was loud and full of energy. Even though it was like nothing he had ever experienced before working in factories, he was intrigued and decided to give it  a shot.

Alundis’ recalls being very quiet and nervous during his first few days of training, but he made the decision to step outside his comfort zone. He figured, “How can I improve and acquire new skills if I merely stay comfortable?” Though a career at Leomhann Enterprises was something entirely new for Alundis, he had an “A-ha” moment when he looked around the office and saw a team of individuals eager to help him achieve his goals. Alundis says he looks up most to our Assistant Manager and fellow introvert, Bilo, and considers him a brother and someone he can always count on.

In the near future, Alundis seeks to start a non-profit organization for inner city high school students that teaches them personal financial planning. Alundis says, “Most high school students in the inner city have no idea how to save money, set up a 401K, or budget their wages. They graduate high school, get a minimum wage job, and then live paycheck-to-paycheck.” Living up to his favorite quote, “If not me, then who?”, Alundis believes he has a responsibility to give back to the community and bring brighter futures to these students.

In his spare time, Alundis enjoys watching sports, listening to all types of music, and solving Rubik’s cubes. He also likes to volunteer and participate in runs that raise money for Multiple Sclerosis and Autism – causes very dear to his heart.

Leomhann Enterprises feels very fortunate to have a big-hearted, dedicated individual like Alundis on its team, and we are excited to see his continued career success within our company. Congratulations, Alundis, on being chosen for this month’s featured leader; keep up the outstanding work!

Leomhann Enterprises Reviews: Hear It Straight From Our Team 👂

We’re often asked “what’s it like to work at Leomhann Enterprises?” or “how would you describe the corporate culture?” and there are no two questions we love entertaining more than these. 
We believe that our team and environment here at Leomhann Enterprises are as unique as they come. Citing our previous blog, our emphasis on team-building events, leadership training, and competition & recognition is prominent and defines our company’s values and the direction we look to go as an organization.
In order to answer the 2 questions we’re asked so often, we thought “why not let our team share our thoughts?” After all, who has more insight into reviewing Leomhann Enterprises that those currently immersed in our firm’s Management Development Program? Eager to share their feedback, below are 5 current team members with testimonials of their time here at Leomhann Enterprises.
Alundis Hayes | Management Trainee
The best part about working at Leomhann Enterprises is the fact that not only are you apart of the team, but you are apart of the family. There is always someone to help answer any questions you have, coach and mentor you throughout any professional situation you might need guidance on. Waking up, coming to the office, and seeing my friends is the best part of my day!
Ryan Anger | Corporate Trainer
My favorite part of Leomhann Enterprises is the people – not only are my coworkers fun to hang out with in and out of work, but each puts a personal investment in the other’s growth. I have felt like family since I started and I know that these relationships will continue for years to come. I have worked at places with good work environments, but nothing like this. The only way to understand this camaraderie is to experience it first hand.
Edward Stallworth | Account Manager
What I like most about our career field is that the people leading the company aren’t mythical figures, but real people who will take time out of their day to help anyone who understands the opportunities at their disposal and reaches out to them for guidance. At Leomhann Enterprises, as long as you remain a student that’s hungry to learn, reach out for mentor ship and take control of your future, you’ll find success here.
William Shepherd | Management Trainee
Leomhann Enterprises is providing me with an entrepreneurial/MBA-like hands on experience within the marketing/sales industry. The growth I’ve seen in my own leadership ability is tremendous. They explain the why’s and show by example!
Matt Robey | Account Executive
I love the family environment and how we work as a unit. They really take the time to get to know you and what’s important to us.  I also love that I determine my own future and paycheck.
Whether deriving the most happiness from the team unity, collaborative work culture, financial freedom, or constant coaching, each person at Leomhann Enterprises has a unique yet similar experience; they all know that their presence and contributions are appreciated, and that their growth is of the utmost importance to our executive team. When you work with the best talent in Cleveland, though, what choice do you have but to provide them with the best atmosphere?! 😉
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